3 Things to Check Before Pressing ‘Submit’ on Your Creative Europe Proposal

With only a few hours left until the 2nd Creative Europe submission deadline for cooperation projects, many of you will be in a last minute rush to dot the i’s and cross the t’s on your proposal. Here’s 3 things to do before pressing ‘submit’:

1) Vision Check

Make sure you convey the feeling of excitement, an artistic vision and a creatively innovative project.

No doubt you have a great idea for this project – an idea so powerful that it allowed you to get together with three or more partners and squeeze your inspiration into a Creative Europe eform and budget template. An idea that made you write a cooperation agreement and that you compressed into the 40.000 characters of the official project description.
Can you still feel it at this point? Most likely, the answer is ‘leave me alone, I’m still fighting with the eform, where all my texts turned out to be too long’. But, don’t let that deadline stress get in the way of your vision.

Make sure that your idea, your creativity and enthusiasm shines through even the blandest of forms! Reviewers are human, and are just as excited to sift through endless pages of eforms as you were about collating them. For many, finding a spark of creative genius and a wave of enthusiasm will be like a drop of water in the desert.
Give them – and the project – the spark they deserve by clearly conveying your passion and your vision wherever possible – but at least in the project overview and at the beginning of the detailed project description.

2) Activity Consistency Check

Consistency throughout all documents illustrates a strong vision and a clear structure. Help reviewers to understand what you’re planning to do by referring to the same things by the same name – everywhere and all the time.

Was it 1 kick-off meeting, 3 fact-finding missions, 12 tours, 3 workshops, and a residency? Or 1 joint workshops, 2 project update meetings, 14 joint artistic activities and 1 final conference? While do know what you’d like to achieve and how, but in the process of drafting, circulating, rewriting and copying parts from one document to the other, things may have gotten a little hazy.
Chances are that, if you are not consistent about the names, descriptions and numbers of your activities throughout all documents, your reviewers will get confused, suspicious, or just plain frustrated. So, make sure that you refer to activities by the same name in:

  • the eform,
  • the budget,
  • the cooperation agreement (all signatures in, are they)
  • the activity description,
  • the communication- and audience development sections (yes, we’d advise you to have one of those).

 3) Formal Check

Got everything you need? Really? Everything?? Are you sure? Before taking a few hours off to relax, just make sure that you have the documents and information required from you and your partners.

Official Checklist – Click to Enlarge

You probably have done these:

  • eForm (downloadable pdf template)
  • Detailed project description
  • Budget (excel template smaller or larger project)

We hope you have already received:

  • the PIC number of all partners (the need to register in the
    participation portal)
  • Mandate Letters by all partners (use available template)
  • Signed page of the Cooperation Agreement
  • Statutes of all partner organisations (proving their activity supporting their cultural (sub)sector; and min. 2 years in existence)
  • Curriculum Vitae of the key personnel to be working on the project
  •  Financial identification form (use available template)

And checked that you got the necessary signatures on 

  • the budget
  • the cooperation agreements
  • the mandate letters

Looking for a grant of over € 60k? Make sure you have the

  • signed declaration of honour
  • activity reports of all partners of the last 2 years
  • financial capacity form from the project leader (use available template)
  • financial statements (balance sheet, profit & loss including annexes)
    for the last 2 years from the project leader – if a private organisation

Applying for a grant of more than € 750k? Make sure you include the audit report of all partners by an approved external auditor for the last
financial year available

Online, Paper & Digital Submission
Some of these documents need to be submitted electronically via the platform, all of them on paper and CD-Rom/ USB Stick by letter with a postage stamp before or on the day of the deadline.

For the complete list, check the official PDF Guidelines  page 30 – Annex 3 Mandatory Document Check (see image above)

With all that done, all that’s left to say is:
Good luck and toi, toi, toi

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