Crowdfunding the Arts

With tight public  budgets, many creative organisations are looking for alternative ways of raising money. Here’s our free course on Crowdfunding – an interesting and viable model to not just raise funding, but also create stronger bonds with audiences. We curated this ‘Gibbon Online Class’ to help you understand what crowdfunding is all about, how it could be relevant to your work and how to start a campaign. 

Crowd ..what? Introduction to  crowdsourcing

Whats CrowdsourcingWe chose this short animated film by, narrated by its Founder, Carl Esposti, to give you an introduction to the four different ways Crowdsourcing works and the five different categories of things you can do with crowdsourcing. Go to class.

Crowdfunding Basics

101 – Concepts and Principles

In this section, we curated some informative and entertaining chapters on the very basics of crowdfunding: what is it, who is it for, how does it work. Go to class.

  1. What is crowd funding? Let student blogger Natalie Wiesnet explain crowdfunding to you in just under 5  minutes in her entertaining and informative video.
  2. 10 best Practices in Crowdfunding Steps for a successful campaignHow is crowd funding different from other ways of fund raising? Kapipal summarised it in 5 key principles. Hint: it’s all about communication, trust and relations.
  3. What’s important to be a successful crowdfunder? The top 10 steps to success according to an article published by Megan V Miller on Tekkek. It’s all about turning audiences into investors.

102 – Applying it to the Arts

This second chapter looks how the principles of crowd funding apply to the arts and creatives: how can it be used for performing arts, film making, album releases and other creative projects. Go to class.

  1. Crowdfunding the artsCan crowdfunding work for the arts? A short video by Canada’s TV channel  CBC that looks into this new way to raise money for art.
  2. Crowdfunding and film making. The BBC reports from the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival in New York on independent film-makers  explain why crowdfunding has now become an essential part of the creation of their work.
  3. Crowdfunding music. Musician Mindy Gledhill explains how crowd funding can help you to release your latest album.
  4. Creative crowdfunding – keys to success. Ben Hamilton, Community Manager at arts platform PleaseFund.Us gives advice on how to raise money in the arts via crowdfunding

103 – Inspiration

It’s one thing to read about, yet another to see it in action. Here are some of our favourite examples of creative (and successful) crowdfunding campaigns. We chose different platforms and art forms to give you a varied selection.

Crowdfunding – Deeper Insights

201 – From Theory to Practice

What way of crowdfunding are there? How do I go about setting up my own crowdfunding campaign? This chapter aims to provide answers for those that would like to apply their knowledge and start raising funds. Go to class.

  1. PhotoWhat are the different methods of crowdfunding your creative project? Chris Buckingham from minivation – a crowdfund research house and consultancy, takes us through the different models
  2. Is crowdfunding for you? We advise anyone who is truly serious about trying to crowd fund to watch this amazing 2-hour programme. Full of interviews with experts and practitioners, this will help you understand the opportunities and risks.
  3. Be prepared: the Crowdfunding Campaign Checklist: If you are serious about running a successful crowdfunding campaign on any platform you need to be prepared. Tubestart takes you through important preparation stages in 10 practical steps.

202 – Creative Crowdfunding Insights

How to fund festivals, movies or theatre productions? This chapter brings together the advice of some experienced and successful crowdfunding pioneers & practitioners. Go to class.

  1. How to crowdfund your film.This step-by-step guide takes you through the crowd-funding model that paid for the successful movie ‘The Age of Stupid‘ with Pete Postlethwaite. Director Franny Armstrong (McLibel, Drowned Out) and Oscar-winning producer John Battsek (One Day In September, Restrepo) pioneered this model to finance the film
  2. The MoneyHow to crowdfund theatre – the Edinburgh fringe. The economics of putting on a show – not just at the Edinburgh fringe – can be terrifying. This article by the Guardian Professionals Network interviews 3 producers on their experiences with crowdfunding.
  3. Crowdfunding festivals – 7 top tips from the Atlanta film festival. Chris Holland has helped to launch the festival’s first ever crowdfunding campaign. He writes about why the festival decided to use crowdfunding to raise money for the annual event and shares his lessons.

203 – Practical Tips and Tricks

Ready to go? This chapter includes some of the best ‘how to guides’ for different aspects of your crowdfunding campaign. Go to class.

Bonus: Favourite Crowdfunding Links & Resources

Still haven’t had enough? This section combines some further reading and links to additional resources for successful crowdfunding. Go to class.

Why Gibbon?

Gibbon is a free online learning tool that allows experts to curate the knowledge out there into meaningful online courses or ‘flows’. At Gibbon, they believe that almost all the knowledge is already available on the web, all that is needed is someone to guide you to it. Their tools to make it easy to create and follow simple paths of resources to learn anything. Gibbon is hand-crafted in Leiden, the Netherlands by a great team full of self-taught nerds. Let’s learn from each other.

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