Revised Quick Guide to Creative Europe Funding for Cooperation Projects

Quick-Guide-to-CreativesEurope-Cooperation-Project-Funding-CallDownload the fully revised and updated Creatives’ Europe Quick Guide to EU Cooperation Projects

This fully revised and updated Creatives’ Europe Quick Guide aims to provide an overview of this funding opportunity and give you the relevant information necessary to decide whether this may be interesting for you and your organisation. Check our resources page if you require a more detailed version.


  1. Fact Check – Is this for you?
  2. Eligibility – Do you qualify for funding? Who can apply for funding? ✦  How many partners do we need? ✦  Which countries are eligible? ✦  Which activities are funded? ✦  How much funding can I apply for? ✦  When & for how long is funding available?
  3. What is funded? How to fulfil the funding objectives & priorities ✦  Why is the EU funding Artistic Cooperation Projects? ✦ What could you get money for & what not? ✦ How your proposal is evaluated: award criteria ✦ Inspiration & success stories
  4. What documents to prepare
  5. Application Calendar: Upcoming Calls
  6. Getting Help and Further Information

Check our resources page for a more detailed version.

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