EU Culture Forum: The Discussions Day 1

You didn’t have time to experience the unique atmosphere of the EU Culture Forum in Brussels this week? Missed the discussions with friends and colleagues? This storify gives an overview of the discussion accompanying the event on social media on day 1. Find the full programme here.

EU Culture Forum: Best of Social


  2. José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission
  3. @BarrosoEU ‘Culture is not nice to have, it is need to have!’ We agree #EUcultureforum
  4. @BarrosoEU “spending on culture is not a luxury but a fundamental need. Culture is not nice to have – but a need to have” #EUCultureForum
  5. Androulla Vassiliou – European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth
  6. @VassiliouEU at the #EUcultureforum – We need to gather evidence on the spillover effects of the cultural sectors
  7. #EUcultureforum, Commissioner Vassiliou sent a letter to EUMinisters in charge of structural funds, to remind them Culture’s economic weight
  8. Priorities 2014 Com. Vassiliou: #Culture heritage in #digital shift. Culture in external relations. Copyright actions #eucultureforum
  9. #Barroso and #Vassiliou stress that culture is crucial for the economy and society. Sadly one can’t see it in the budget. #EUcultureforum
  10. @elladaeva do 9% even cover inflation since 2007? How about new financial guarantee also financed through it? #Eucultureforum
  11. Šarūnas Birutis – Minister of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania
  12. #Eucultureforum – Lithuania Minister of Culture Šarūnas Birutis: need to raise awareness of the value of cultural and creative sectors
  13. Economic impact of copyright = 5% of Lithuanian economy and one of major economic sectors. #EUcultureforum
  14. Tomáš Sedláček – Author of Economics of Good and Evil, Lecturer of Philosophy and Economics at Charles University
  15. Sedlacek, author of “Economics of Good and Evil”:When you drink beer you drink culture… #EUcultureforum
  16. “I dont believe in the invisible hand of the market, I believe in the invisible hand of the society” Great @atomsedlacek #EUcultureforum
  17. After inspiring talk by @atomsedlacek , v hard to go back to thinking about culture in purely economic terms. V refreshing! #EUcultureforum
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  19. Cultural policy must be a crucial part of social and economic development policy. Jerzy Hausner at #EUcultureforum
  20. What are we doing?? Watching a lot of TV and it does not make us happy. That is what we are doing. #eucultureforum
  21. #EUcultureforum All speakers (except Sedlaček) start appologetic about economic evaluation of arts, and then they do it!
  22. @hasanbakhshi #Australia is a good example of good practise to measure output from both creative industries and culture #EUcultureforum
  23. #EUcultureforum everybody agrees: don’t ask for the costs and benefits of Culture in terms of money – but still we are forced to do so
  24. Economics should be used ‘creatively’ to measure ‘immeasurable’ cultural activities #EUcultureforum
  25. The economic facets of intangible culture unfold in a new perspective with matteo maggiore of oecd #EUcultureforum
  26. Better life index – How’s life report being published tomorrow by OECD #EUcultureforum
  27. DG Ristori of the JRC, EC emphasises that culture is at the hart of the EU project #EUcultureforum and to prioritise culture on national lev
  28. Ristori – not all policy today integrates all spillover effects of #culture. Policy must move, research provides basis. #eucultureforum
  29. Video message by Jonathan Mills


  30. We need to serve our communities better before we ask where the funding opp are. Jonathan Mills Edinburgh Festival #EUcultureforum
  31. Jonathan Mills: without culture Europe has no international recognition in external relations #CultExtRel #EUcultureforum
  32. #EUcultureforum It would be nice to hear some artist on the Culture Forum!
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  34. Luca Bergamo makes argument for the necessity of culture. What do as citizens really need? Growth or Community? #EUcultureforum #intercult
  35. Luca Bergamo passionately about trust and new meaningful objectives for building social capital #EUcultureforum
  36. Bernd Fesel @ECBNetwork : need to change how we evaluate impact of culture, using qualitative data is essential #EUcultureforum
  37. #eucultureforum – pop voxs. How can artisits be empowered? Instead of expensive museums and theatre.
  38. Voxpops

  39. More energy in the room now with 7 participants voices, good idea #EUcultureforum
  40. #eucultureforum – pop voxs. How can artisits be empowered? Instead of expensive museums and theatre.
  41. They certainly do. RT @PLASMA_Studio_: Artists can make a difference in our society #EUcultureforum
  42. Guided Tours of Guided tours, great alternative ideas on heritage tourism #eucultureforum


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