Joining Creative Europe – Workshop Results & Feedback

On 6-7 November 2013, ‘Joining Creative Europe’ brought together 35 creative professionals from 10 European countries. It aimed to support  cultural and creative organisations to prepare European project collaborations and networks. Did it succeed? Here’s the feedback from the participants.

Feedback Summary

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Comments and Suggestions

What where the most important outcomes for you?

I feel a lot more confident about seeking partners transnational collaboration projects and even in the more local funding application processes; a lot of the information seemed relevant to seeking funding in the non-profit world and cultural worlds at many levels.

It was really useful getting information from people who had submitted successful proposals and, especially, the problems they encountered both in the application process and after receiving funding. 

Practical approach, avoiding too much EU jargon, very ‘usable’ information

I obtained practical and concrete information about applying for funding, as well as review of possible challenges; it was good meeting possible partners.

What should be improved?

Most of the experience offered seemed to be from large projects featuring large organisations. It would have been great to hear more about smaller projects that involved small and newer organisations as well.

Maybe it would have been better to extend the time of the workshop; it was somehow short and such things need a time spread for thinking and viewing in depth.

Start to think about the cycle of events in terms of presenting the broad picture of culture, education & civil society in all EU funds. It does not have to be organized in Brussels, to avoid the additional travel expenses, you may consider webinarium as an ideal option for those who live abroad.

The room seemed a bit too small to accommodate the amount of people attending.

–> thank you for these – we’ll be working hard to integrate these comments in the next workshop!

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