Joining Creative Europe Workshop


‘Joining Creative Europe’ brought together 35 creative professionals from 10 European countries.
Together, we generated more than 20 project ideas, analysed 6 case studies, discussed creative collaboration in 5 modules, and had inspiring discussions and encounters. A big thanks to the 35 creatives from 10 countries for an inspiring event!

This workshop helped cultural and creative organisations to prepare European project collaborations and networks. Led by a team of international experts, participants will learn about the new funding mechanisms, gain insights in the application process and develop their ideas with colleagues from all of Europe. 


This event is in the past. Please sign up for the newsletter to receive an invitation to the next seminar and other activities.


 5 Reasons to Join

understand Creative Europe develop your project ideas meet future partners learn the key success factors of proposal writing receive tailored advice combine it with the EU Culture Forum

practical information

1) Understand Creative Europe

This workshop will give you a concise and up-to-date overview of the new EU culture programme from European experts.

arrow-circleThe new EU culture programmeCreative Europe – will be launched at the end of 2013 with deadlines in early 2014. To participate successfully, cultural organisations need to quickly understand the new objectives, mechanisms and requirements. -> to registration

Take-Away:  Creative’s Europe E-Workbook: descriptions, key documents & links to background information.


2) Develop Your Ideas

This workshop will focus on the new funding priorities and present European projects that implemented these successfully.

arrow-circleSuccessful applications combine the strengths of the applicants with the funding priorities of the programme. Once it is clear what the EU wants to achieve and why, it becomes easier to present your ideas in the right light and write a targeted, successful proposal. -> to registration

Take-Away: Your Creative’s Europe Connect Online Profile – for finding new collaboration partners


3) Meet Your Future Partners

Network with creatives and cultural organisations from different European countries throughout the workshop. You will exchange ideas with organisations that share your interests and that can complement your ideas.

arrow-circleAll European Culture Projects require a collaboration between at least 3 countries. Even with an extensive international network, it can be difficult to identify the right partners for your project, let alone agree on its contents and the division of tasks. -> to registration

Take-Away:  Creative’s Europe Connect Partner Book – listings of potential project partners


4) Learn the Key Factors for Successful Proposals

You will receive practical tips and tricks for proposal preparation from experienced practitioners. With their input, you will develop a draft action plan for your proposal preparation. 

arrow-circlePreparing successful proposals can take anything from a few months to several years. The  time needed depends on your knowledge of the application process and success criteria. Getting support from people who have already applied and managed European projects successfully makes all the difference.

Take-Away:  Proposal Action Plan: A checklist and timeline to help you create your proposal


5) Receive Tailored Advice

arrow-circleThe workshop is delivered by an international team of experts, all active as cultural managers, evaluators and project administrators. You will receive personal feedback and advice on your project ideas during the event and – if you wish – when you are in the concrete steps of preparing your proposal.


6) Attend the EU Culture Forum

arrow-circleCombine the workshop with the participation in the EU Culture Forum on 4-6 November. The EU-organised Culture Forum brings together cultural policy makers and cultural professionals to discuss the “hottest topics for the sector at the moment.” 

Workshop Agenda

Day 1

14:30 Welcome

15:00 Creative Europe Crash Course – Facts & Figures

16:30 Focus Funding Priorities – Developing Ideas for Your Proposals

18:30 Networking Drink and Dinner


Day 2

9:00 Creative’s Europe Idea Exchange – Finding Partners for Your Proposals

11:00  From Ideas to Projects – Successful Proposal Preparation

13:00  Next Steps – wrap up and working lunch

14:00  Optional: Individual Coaching Sessions


We have now reached the maximum number of registrations.

Please sign up for the newsletter to receive updates about the next seminar.


Meet the expert team

What’s included?

  1. Workshop Participation: take actively part in the workshop and enjoy our coffee breaks
  2. Networking Profiles: find out who else is participating – and what their strengths and interests are
  3. Your Creative’s Europe Connect Online Profile: Your profile in our ‘Creative’s Europe Connect’ Community (password protected), so you can be found by new collaboration partners
  4. Creative’s Europe E-Workbook: check lists, descriptions, key documents & links on a CD-Rom
    OR: Online ‘EU Funding Resources’: continuously updated check lists, descriptions, key documents & links to background information
  5. Optional: One-to-one Coaching Session with a Member of the Expert Team

A) Standard Participation

’til 5 Oct.
’til 15 Oct.
’til 1 Nov.

Workshop Participation

€ 140

 € 165

€ 200

Participants List & Networking Profiles -included- -included- -included-
Digital ‘European Funding Workbook’
-included- -included- -included-
Creative’s Europe Online Profile
(6 months)
-included- -included- -included-
Online ‘European Funding Resources’
(12 month account)
 € 25  € 25  € 25
Creative’s Europe Online Profile
(12 months)
€ 20 € 20 € 20
Expert Coaching on your project idea
(1 hour)
 € 75  € 75  € 75

B) All-Inclusive Registration

 save 10% Early-Bird
’til 5 Oct.
’til 15 Oct.
‘ til 1 Nov.

Workshop Participation

€ 165

 € 190

€ 225

Participants List & Networking Profiles -included- -included- -included-
Digital ‘EU Funding Workbook’
-included- -included- -included-
Online ‘EU Funding Resources’
(12 month account)
-included- -included- -included-
Creatives Europe Online Profile
(12 months)
-included- -included- -included-
Expert Coaching on your project idea
(1 hour)
 € 75  € 75  € 75

All registrations fees are quoted without VAT and we will not charge VAT for European orgainsations that register. However,  Belgian law requires us to collect VAT for anyone registering without a VAT number or with a residence in Belgium

 Read the Creatives’ Europe Event terms & conditions

We have now reached the maximum number of registrations.

Please sign up for the newsletter to receive updates about the next seminar.


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  1. Hi,

    We just paid for three tickets and were then informed via email of the friend discount of 25%. Is there any chance this could still apply as, if we had checked the confirmation email in between bookings, we could have forwarded for discount for two people lie this?

    Please do let me know.

    Thank you!

    best regards,

    Ward Janssen
    House of Visual Culture

  2. Dear Ward,

    Thank you for joining us! About your questions: absolutely, we’ll send you the voucher code to pass on to your colleagues or friends. You’ll also receive all practical information by mail.

  3. Hi,

    I just registered for the event and I would like to know the exact address of the institute where it is going to take place. I couldn’t find it until now. So I am waiting for your help.

    Best wishes,

  4. Hi,
    I’m trying to find out where the workshop will take place, but can’t seem to see that on the website. Could you please help?

  5. Hello Sirs!

    This is just to ask you about any possibility more to attend the workshop; is it definilly closed or is it possible to obtain still a place to attend that?

    I ‘d really like to be there, if possible.

    I wait for your kind answer, thank you so much.

    Andrea Tarantino, musician, Italy

  6. Dear Andrea,
    Thank you for your interest! This workshop is fully booked. We make an effort to keep the workshop group to a size that allows active networking and to ensure that participants come from organisations with complementary experience. However, we plan additional workshops in different European cities to grow the Creative’s Europe network. Please sign up to the mailing list so we can keep you informed.

  7. Dear Audrey and Victoria,

    The practical information has now been published at:

  8. Dear Benita,

    thanks so much for your answer!

    I’ll go soon to sign up to the mailing list; just, please, notice that I will be in Brussels for Culture Forum at BOZAR, from 4th to 6th, I’ll be really happy to be adviced if any opportunity of visiting you( also just for one workshop) will raise up during these days.

    Thank you so much again, I’ll keep in touch.


  9. Dear Andrea,
    I’d be delighted to meet up at the Culture Forum – I’ll send you a private email and maybe we can arrange to chat in one of the coffee breaks,

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